New resource for young carers in Scotland

Young adult carers are the focus of a new campaign between the Scottish Government and Young Scot to raise awareness of what support they could be entitled to.

The social media and digital campaign will aim to reach carers aged 16-24 who may be entitled to Career’s Allowance but are not claiming it, using platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to reach young adults. An estimated 49,000 people in Scotland aged 16-24 are carers.

Lauren Baigrie, 18, a young carer from Falkirk, said: “Being a young carer has at times been tough, it’s impacted my life in many ways, I’m really good at organising my time but sometimes try to fit too much into it, I’ve learned to be independent but have sometimes missed out on normal time with my mum, I manage money well and I am really switched on to current affairs. My social life has been restricted but I think I’m making real efforts to change that. Being a carer for me is part of who I am, it’s part of my identity and I wouldn’t change it.”

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