Liaisons- Prevention of violent extremism through youth information

liaisons picture.png

ERYICA is very happy to announce that the manual for the prevention of youth violent extremism through youth information, Liaisons, has been finalised by our editorial team. The final French version is now available, and the English version will be ready by the end of March 2018.

The project began back in 2015, when the French-speaking members of ERYICA came together to discuss the role of youth information in the prevention of youth violent extremism. ERYICA organised several Open Dialogue days, which brought together experts on this topic from different sectors to discuss and exchange on their varied experiences. 

The results of these discussions and two years of working together is Liaisons- A manual for the prevention of violent extremism through youth information. The editorial team has gathered and created the most pertinent tools for preparing young people with the resilience and critical thinking skills necessary not to fall into the trap of radical and extreme ideas. The manual is first and foremost a practical tool, targeted at those who come into contact with young people (youth (information) workers, teachers, social workers, youth organisations, etc.) and aims to help them cover complex topics such as identity, diversity, communication with others, media and information literacy, to name but a few. There is also a theoretical component to the manual, which aims to help the reader to understand this complex phenomenon.

Several of our members participated to the development of this Manual. We would like to thank le Centre d'Informations de Documentations pour Jeunes (Belgium), le Centre d'Accueil et d'Information Jeunesse de Bruxelles (Belgium), le Centre d'Information et de Documentation jeunesse (France), le Centre Information Jeunesse (Luxembourg) for joining forces to create this tool for the benefit of the whole network ad the youth sector in Europe.

Erika Branca