IParticipate in Malta with the OPIN platform!

Agenzija Zghazagh carried out, with the help of the OPIN platform, a national project called iParticipate, which aimed at looking into alternative ways of engaging young people online and generating online and offline debate on issues that concerns this target group. The target group was young people between the ages of 15 to 25 years old.

Several online and offline activities were initiated from April to October 2017. In the framework of these local and national projects, OPIN allowed Agenzija Zghazagh to collect information on better services in high schools, opinions on the legalisation of marijuana in Malta, or the possibility of voting from 16 years old. From the findings collected, a film documentary was created and an event was organised, during which youngsters had the opportunity to discuss the ideas that had been generated online with policy-makers.


The national OPIN projects on the legalisation of marijuana and the vote 16+ generated a significant level of participation. The digital platform allowed Agenzija Zghazagh to gather opinions and feedback in real time, to reach a wider target audience. Similarly, the offline activities, such as the event with policy-makers, was successful as young people were allowed to share their points of view and policy-makers acknowledged the fact that young people’s opinions have to be addressed, listened to and valued in the decision-making process. The youth hub projects were also helpful for youth workers as the ideas shared could be used for the elaboration of activities which appeal more to young people.

Erika Branca