InfoEck: Jugendschutz MOBIL – MOBIL Youth Protection in Austria

The law that regulates the protection of minors and its implementation is important within youth work. In Tirol, the question has been raised about how to get information and advice about that law, and the issue of minor protection in general, directly to the people. Five years ago, the idea of the Jugendschutz MOBIL was born.

The project is based upon a branded van and a non-alcoholic cocktail bar. The van and especially the bar is as an eye catcher. It offers non-alcoholic drinks and lot of information about the youth protection law. The colour and the tasteful drinks conveys the idea that you do not need alcohol to treat yourself to something nice. People who come to the bar can either buy a cocktail or win one in a quiz about the youth protection law – explanation of the law included. This way people are made curious and they start to ask questions about it.

The “Jugendschutz MOBIL” is on tour the whole year. It can be found at a variety of events like the education fair BeSt, the open house day of the government of Tirol, the Street Festival in Mayrhofen and Reutte and many more. During a year the “Jugendschutz MOBIL” takes part in 40 to 50 events and reaches about 80,000 people in Tirol. Planning an event in Tirol? The “Jugendschutz MOBIL” can be booked!

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Erika Branca