eParticipation of Young for Brighter Future in Slovenia !


The Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth, which has been carrying out a programme called the National Children’s Parliament (NPC) since 1990, organised a Youth Parliament (YOU-P) on the topic of ‘Children’s plans for the Future’ with the use of the digital platform OPIN to engage participation of the youth. This programme aimed at actively involving a new target group in the participation process. With the use of OPIN digital platform, the YOU-P programme attracted youngsters from 15 to 19 years old. The following topics have been discussed within this project:

- Identity: who I am & what kind of person I want to become?
- Values
- Future
- Environment

In order to disseminate the information and the invitation for the programme, online and offline invitations were sent to high schools, regional coordinators of Children’s Parliaments and youth workers.


The use of a digital tool such as OPIN allowed to gather around 200 opinions and reflections on the topic of youth’s opportunities and challenges for the future, and to engage further actors in the field of youth in the participation of the Youth Parliament. A Youth Memorandum on the Challenges of the Future was elaborated to summarise the findings and to deliver it to representatives of the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, as well as to the President of the National Assembly.

For the video of the project: click HERE


Erika Branca