Engaging young citizens in the National Youth Strategy!


The Youth Board of Cyprus (YBC), as the competent authority on youth affairs, is coordinating the development of the Cyprus National Youth Strategy. From March to December 2017, the project aimed at engaging youth from the age of 14 to 35 in the finalisation of the objectives of the National Youth Strategy and the preparation of the 1st Action Plan. To do so, a series of online and offline activities such as online consultations via OPIN and joint meetings with the Steering and Cross-Sectoral Committees and Advisory Body were implemented with the participation of youth and relevant stakeholders.


The Youth Board of Cyprus succeeded in drafting the main objectives of the 1st Action Plan for the National Youth Strategy with the help of the findings gathered through the offline and online activities. The National Youth Strategy included these following topics:

                - Employment and entrepreneurship;
                - Social inclusion;
                - Participation;
                - Education and training;
                - Health and well-being;
                - Volunteering;
                - Youth and the world; and
                - Culture and creativity.

The 1st Action Plan of the NYS has been presented and approved by the Minister of Education, the Council of Ministers and the President of Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades. The Youth Board received great feedback for their efforts, especially concerning the consultation phase which allowed young people the opportunity to participate to decision-making processes.



Erika Branca