Community Leadership Programme in Georgia


The local Community Leadership Programme carried out by the LEPL Children and Youth National Centre of Georgia aimed at increasing youth participation at the local self-government level in the Municipality of Gori. The project’s target group consisted of young people between the age of 14 to 21. The project included trainings, workshops, information meetings on the opportunities of the use of a digital platform, advocacy campaigns, consultations and OPIN based activities. The online activities consisted in collecting opinions and initiatives on specific issues such as a clean environment, sports, public squares and youth activities.


The project succeeded in mobilising young people to address local issues using the digital platform for communication and project development. OPIN provided a discussion space to the direct participants for consultations with the local self-government and their peers. From these online discussions arose ideas for the renovation of local infrastructures and public places, the implementations of leisure and sport dedicated to youngsters, the promotion of cultural activities and opportunities abroad through under the Erasmus+ program. Young members of the community critically reflected and contributed to the project development of the municipality with the help of digital tools.

As a result of the ongoing advocacy campaign managed by the participants, the local self-government has allocated funding for renovating public squares, a swimming pool and the local stadium. Furthermore, local NGOs and donor organisations have also supported the project.

Erika Branca