Bao Blog Plus (BB+): a newsroom created by italian youngsters !


Open Group was entrusted by the local administration with the task of contributing to the creation of a new relationship between policy-makers and the community. With this goal in mind, a newsroom called Bao-Blog was created in September 2016, which consisted of a group of 10 young journalists from 16 to 29 years old, who would tell their peers news and stories about the local community. With the collaboration of the OPIN digital platform, this newsroom became Bao-Blog Plus.


By working through an online device, Bao Blog Plus managed to reduce the distance between young people and local administrators, as young people were able to express themselves and their opinions on OPIN. This online interaction was enriched by organising an offline meeting between the local government and representatives of the newsroom. This project allowed the local government to understand the opportunities digital tools of communication can bring to actively engage young people in the development of the community. Indeed, young people often feel more confident in sharing opinions via a digital network. This project has led to the administration establishing workshops for improving digital citizenship.

Erika Branca