Active Youth! local project in Slovenia with the OPIN platform


Active Youth is the name of a local project carried out by the Municipality of Lukovica, Slovenia. Its aim was to engage young people in the development of their local environment and the well-being of the community by establishing a legal entity representing the voice of the youth in the decision-making process. In April 2017, the Municipality of Lukovica established the ‘Mladinski Klub STIK’ as a youth club aiming at gathering youngster’s ideas and initiatives, as well as a Mayor Commission for monitoring the activities of the Active Youth project.

In the framework of this project, a series of events were organised to present and explain the opportunities of the digital platform OPIN for gathering youth opinion and suggestions on: youth club activities, the revitalisation of outdoor areas and the improvement of their environment. From these ideas and initiatives collected via OPIN, a local strategy for the youth was elaborated on the fields of:

- education;
                - employment;
                - accommodation;
                - sports, culture and leisure;
                - health;
                - information and media; and
                - participation and engagement.

The OPIN platform allowed the youngsters to enjoy fast communication and interactivity between the participants, wherever they were. These advantages of social networks encouraged the youth to actively share their ideas and initiatives.


The Active Youth programme was successful in proactively involving young people from 15 to 30 years old in the processes of decision-making in the Municipality with the elaboration of a local strategy for the improvement of youth participation in the community. Through this project, the Municipality gave young people the choice of devices and locations for local development in the municipality, opened the debate on decision-making to the youngsters, and developed further their interest in the common good of the community. The Municipality of Lukovica recognised the importance of this project for more effective participation and intergenerational communication.

Erika Branca