Obiettivo Partecipazione Attiva: engaging young italians in a budgeting decision-making process


The local project Obiettivo Partecipazione Attiva! (OPA!), carried out by the Study Centre for Participatory Democracy, aims at engaging young people in a budgeting decision-making process in order to grasp the implication of participatory democracy in their everyday life. The main target group consisted in peers from a secondary school from the age of 15 to 19 years old.

The project included the gathering and rating of initiatives at first, using the OPIN digital platform to facilitate the participation of youngsters beyond the school time and spaces. The OPIN tool has also been used to design feasible projects. Several offline events, trainings and meetings were also organised in order to coordinate the activities and to vote on and generate priority proposals.


This programme has allowed the participants to debate and decide using democratic processes on the management of the community’s budgetary resources. According to the results concerning target engagement, the goal was reached, as almost all students were involved in the process through the use of the OPIN tool and traditional face-to-face meetings.

Erika Branca