News Literacy and News Publishers by WAN-IFRA

The report ‘News Literacy and News Publishers: 7 ways forward to help young audiences fight fake news and do much, much more’ was commissioned by the American Press Institute, which was seeking advice on how to guide its own thinking about new work around news literacy. “News literacy” is the subset of what UNESCO calls “media and information literacy” that focuses on the content produced by journalistic reporting and how it differs from other content. 

The American Press Institute approached the Youth Engagement and News Literacy division of WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, to look at initiatives around the world that have been created by or could involve news publishers.
The resulting joint report offers seven parts, each covering a different kind of activity, and a database of 130 examples.

The report includes the following chapters:

  1. Guide in digital space
  2. Teach about freedom of expression
  3. Create ways to try journalism
  4. Promote encounters with journalists
  5. Help the influencers
  6. Explore the new news for kids
  7. What next? Consider this example to create the future
  8. +More than 100 ideas for what to try first.

You can read the full report here.

Erika Branca