European Youth Information Day 2018 (#EYID2018) – a great success

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17 April is European Youth Information Day (EYID), and every year, ERYICA launches a European Youth Information Day Campaign. The campaign aims to enhance the visibility of youth information and to raise awareness about the information needs of young people and those organisations working every day to match these needs. Members are encouraged to spread the campaign via social media channels, such as Twitter, FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn. You can find an article in French about European Youth Information Day here.

This year, ERYICA ran a Thunderclap campaign in order to raise the visibility and recognition of youth information. The Thunderclap app works in such a way that people are asked to join the campaign, and create a social media post (on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr). Thunderclap collects all these posts and tweets, and publishes them at the same time on the various social media networks. This allows for the ‘thunderclap’ effect, meaning the same post is shared across many different profiles at the same time. The campaign, with the slogan 'Thumbs up for youth information', was targeted at youth information workers, youth workers, youth organisations and young people. For this special day, ERYICA invited its members, stakeholders and young people to add the EYID2018 logo via Frame Studio to their Facebook profile picture and to share a post with three reasons to promote and support youth information.


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The European Youth Information Day Campaign reached over half a million people, in 22 different countries and 44 cities. Thanks for your support and stay tuned to see what is coming next!