17 April is the time to celebrate European Youth Information Day!

The 17 April is the European Youth Information Day (EYID), and ERYICA is getting ready to celebrate it once again! This year, ERYICA will be running a Thunderclap campaign which will be used to raise the visibility and recognition of youth information. The campaign, with the slogan 'Thumbs up for youth information', is targeted at youth information workers, youth workers, youth organisations and young people.

For this special day, ERYICA invites its members, stakeholders and young people to take a moment to post on social media 3 positive things about youth information and why we should put our 'Thumbs up for Youth Information!' Supporting this campaign for the EYID 2018 will improve the visibility and promotion of youth information work and service providers.

You want to participate to the EYID and support the campaign? This is what you can do:

  • Step 1: Support the EYID campaign via Thunderclap!
  • Step 2: Change your Facebook profile picture by adding the EYID2018 logo via Frame Studio, it will be available either in pink or in blue, shared on ERYICA's Facebook page on 17 April.
  • Step 3: Start a post with the slogan: "Thumbs up for youth information, because...'', followed by three reason to promote and support youth information. You can also share your personal experience with youth information. e.g. Thumbs up for youth information, because:
    • It enables young people to take into account all the opportunities offered to them
    • It empowers them to become independent
    • It offers them support and guidance in times of uncertainty!
  • Add the hashtags: #EYID2018 #youthinfo
  • Post your text on your social media
  • Tag us on Twitter with @ERYICAYI, and/or
  • On Facebook with the tag @ERYICA, and/or
  • On Instagram and tag @_ERYICA, and/or
  • On LinkedIn and tag @ERYICA, and/or
  • Visit our EYID ERYICA Facebook page for updates and celebrate with ERYICA on this important day!

For further details on the EYID 2018, please contact Cloé Juigné, office@eryica.org

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Cloe Juigne