A Working Group Is Set to Update the European Youth Information Charter

Established by the 28th General Assembly, a group of youth professionals in the ERYICA network met in Dublin in January 2018 to launch the update process of the core document for the provision of youth information, the European Youth Information Charter. The working group, made up of member and governing board representatives of the ERYICA network, Youth Ambassadors and ERYICA staff, are in the process of preparing a draft proposal for the next General Assembly of ERYICA. We would like to thank on behalf of ERYICA the representatives from the Centre Information Jeunesse (Luxembourg), Ambrassades (Belgium), Koordinaatti (Finland), Institut Balear de la Joventut (Spain), Jugendinfostellen (Austria), with a special thank for Youth Work Ireland for hosting the event.

The first version of the Charter was approved in 1993, becoming the first ever quality assurance tool in the field of youth information and counselling. It was followed by a review in 2004, and later the creation of the Principles for Online Youth Information in 2009. The principles of the Charter served as the basis for ERYICA’s quality management tool in 2014. The current procedure is not only the next update in line but also a streamlining process that merges the two documents and ensures the relevance and easy accessibility of the result.

The current version of the European Youth Information Charter and the Principles for online Youth Information are available here.

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Erika Branca