ERYICA hosts the EPLM Steering Group meeting

ERYICA was happy to host the European Platform on Learning Mobility (hereafter EPLM) Steering Group meeting in Luxembourg on 5-6 March 2017. The EPLM is an open network and is conducted in a participatory way, focusing on the learning mobility of young people and of practitioners in the youth field, and particularly in various forms of youth work, which, in the view of the EPLM, should be supported by European youth policy. The EPLM focuses on non-formal learning with links to informal learning as well as to formal education. Learning mobility in this framework aims to increase participation, active citizenship, intercultural learning and dialogue, individual competency development and employability of young people.

Steering Group guides the EPLM for a certain period of time. The members of the Steering Group represent a wide variety of stakeholders, programmes and formats in the field of learning mobility, a balanced mixture of the respective fields of work and a regional diversity within Europe, and consists of researchers, policy makers and practitioners. 

The European Platform for Learning Mobility (EPLM) is planning to develop a web app to assist launching and developing international projects. The first step in this process is checking with the target audience of the app whether they would use an app in the development of their international projects and what functions they see useful. Please help this process by filling in this short questionnaire. Alternatively, forward this message to beginner international project organisers in your networks, as they are the major target group of such an app. The EPLM is waiting for replies until 20 March.

More information on the EPLM: HERE 

Erika Branca