Engaging youth through OPIN!

OPIN is an all-in-one digital and mobile participation toolbox, which was used to contribute to 10 very different eParticipation projects which took place across Europe throughout 2017. OPIN provides participation projects with a digital home with the opportunity to integrate multimedia information, which is easily embedded in the web presence of youth organisations and public administrations. It is also possible to include offline events. The opportunities of the digital platform OPIN for community management and more specifically gathering youth opinion and suggestions helped the development of various projects, focusing on:

  • the sustainability and protection of local environment (Italy);

  • the development of a local or national youth strategy (Cyprus and Slovenia)

  • the development of youth interest in democracy and in the decision-making process (Georgia)

  • youth participation in the amelioration of their towns (Germany and Macedonia);

  • etc.

The local and national youth organisations and public administrations which participated in this project acknowledged the opportunities digital tools can bring to actively engage young people in the community. The OPIN platform allowed the youngsters to enjoy fast communication and interactivity between the participants, wherever they were. This form of participation encouraged young people to actively share their ideas and initiatives and to generate online and offline debate on issues that concern them.

More information on the 10 projects:

                The OPIN-ELBA project in Tuscany, Italy
                Community Leadership Programme in Georgia
                Bao Blog Plus: a newsroom created by Italian youngsters
                OPA!: engaging youngsters in budgeting decision-making process, Italy
                IParticipate, Malta
                Pimp Your Town! Germany
                Engaging young citizens in the National Youth Strategy, Cyprus
                Youth Voice in Prilep, Republic of Macedonia
                Youth Parliament for a Brighter Future, Slovenia
                Active Youth in Lukonica, Slovenia


The OPIN platform and features are being developed within the project "EUth - Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe”. The project ran from March 2015 to March 2018 and is supported under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. ERYICA is a partner in the project.


Erika Branca