We are growing bigger!


IUVENTA has just joined our network. IUVENTA is a public institution, directly managed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.  It is the implantation body of youth policy in Slovakia and administers several programmes for youth support on national as well on international  and European level.

One of the main activities of IUVENTA is to cooperate with information networks and provide information services. The aim of its activities is to implement youth policy at national level. There is a wide portfolio of areas and thematic fields that IUVENTA is active in (e.g. youth participation at school, local and regional levels; youth volunteering development; non-formal education in the field of youth work; inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in society; recognition of non-formal education; bridging the gap between the formal education sector with non-formal education providers and the business sector; support of youth activism and many others).

IUVENTA is also a hosting body of the National Agency ERASMUS+ Programme for the Field of Youth and Sport, which also administers the new EU Programme European Solidarity Corps.

IUVENTA shares the view that mobility should become the norm not the exception in order to improve the life prospects of any young person, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Having access to the right information at the right moment supports a more equal distribution of mobility opportunities. Specialised information services such as Eurodesk are particularly important as they offer young people accurate, reliable and youth-friendly information.

ERYICA is looking forward to work with IUVENTA and its team. We are sure that we will establish a fruitful cooperation!