The Future of DOYIT

The Developing Online Youth Information Trainings (DOYIT) project has reached its end and ERYICA’s eLearning offer is now ready for use! The charged project developed 4 eLearning courses based on existing face-to-face courses and made some of them available in 6 to 8 languages already. An eLearning Kit and a Quality tool completes this new training solution.

The platform, operating under the name DOYIT Online from now on, is expected to increase the outreach of youth information worker training. The Digital YIntro, YoMIM, JIMMY and ALTYO courses are available now and Member Organisations are invited to organise courses. ERYICA included an eYomim and an eJimmy training in the 2019 work programme.

ERYICA thanks the involvement of the 10 project partners, who did excellent and demanding work to make this happen. The project was supported by the Erasmus+ Programme.

doyit online.png