New booklet by AYICC: “Partnership in youth work”

The PRONI Center, in cooperation with AYICC (Zajednica informativnih centara za mlade u Hrvatskoj) and 8 other partner organisations, has developed a booklet called “Partnerships in Youth work”, with the aim of disseminating the results of the project “Make contact – connect”.


Why did they create a booklet?

“We want to motivate others to create (international) partner activities and projects. We want to present our organisations and our project ideas as examples of good practice and to show and emphasise the importance of partnership projects in order to raise the quality of life of young people throughout Europe”.

What can you find in the booklet?

“In the booklet you can find IDs from 10 organisations from across Europe, you can look at the methods used in youth work, and you can also see what new partnerships and project ideas are being created. In the seminar, we have designed 4 project ideas, with a variety of partners in each, and additionally we have ideas for another 2 projects. In October 2018, we designed, wrote and submitted two additional projects for the ERASMUS + programme with our project partners. So, we can say that at the end of this project we have a total of 8 projects/ ideas/plans.

We hope that by reading this booklet you will be motivated to do partner projects, that you will also find the organisation that could become your future associate and that you will be motivated by our project ideas for some new projects for your organisation”.

The project “Make contact – connect” is co-financed by the European Union – ERASMUS+ programme.