Manual for Foresight in youth information released!

In the framework of the project 'Future Youth Information Toolbox', a manual for foresight in youth information has just been published.

The manual looks to the future of youth information, involving a broad range of stakeholders in the process, and observing societal trends and developments.

Foresight is an overall term for different methods and approaches to take uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity into account when exploring possible futures and planning for transformative actions.


The objective of foresight rests upon the assumption that the future is in the process of forming and there can be scope to speculate plausible changes and prepare accordingly. Future foresight explores the fields of future studies, strategic planning and policy analysis. This manual breaks down the concept of foresight, giving practical tips on how to carry out foresight methodologies. 3 different methods have been piloted and used as examples. 

The manual is targeted not only for youth information workers, but also for those who plan, execute and make decisions in the youth field. We hope that this will be a useful tool to help you prepare your work for the future! You can read the manual here

Erika Branca