Liaisons joins Madrid in their fight against violence

On 14-15th November 2018, the Regional Youth Information and Documentation Centre (CRIDJ) of the Region of Madrid organised the meeting Youth Information against violence in Alcalá de Henares.

The meeting was aimed at youth workers from Madrid with the goal of responding to the needs of professionals in the field of youth work in the promotion of active citizenship and non-violence, the avoidance of marginalisation, radicalisation and violence in its different forms of expression (through gender-based discrimination, bullying, social networks).

103 youth (information) workers were provided positive narratives and inspiring figures to counteract extremist ideologies and inform young people about resources and support networks.


For instance, ERYICA presented Liaisons as a good practice and as a tool for youth information workers, youth workers and multipliers to prevent violent extremism. The Director of ERYICA described the whole logic and preparation process of the manual, the challenges, consultations with different stakeholders and the structure and content.

Ajo Monzó, representative from our member IBJOVE (Institut Balear de la Joventut), also took part to present a good practice about online safety.