Common International Symposium Eurodesk, ERYICA and EYCA

On 7th November 2018, Youth Work Ireland hosted the International Symposium “Youth Information in Europe and Ireland” in Dublin for 70 youth workers.

Every youth information provider in Ireland (Youth Work Ireland, Crosscare, Eurodesk Ireland, Spunout and YMCA), together with policy makers, academics and young people attended this event.

Audrey Frith, Manuel Sánchez García and Eva Reina, directors of Eurodesk, EYCA and ERYICA, together with Ireland’s Minister of Justice & Equality with Responsibility for Youth, David Stanton, also took part of the symposium as speakers. The minister signed the European Youth Information Charter in Irish.

The event was shared by Patrick Burke, ERYICA Governing Board Member and CEO of Youth Work Ireland. He explained that “Youth information workers are proving to be a critical missing link for providing advice and support on the issues of most importance to young people. Ireland has an excellent Youth Information service, which is supported by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.”

Youth Work Ireland is the largest youth organisation in Ireland, working with over 116,000 young people every week and leading the partnership of youth information providers in Ireland

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