A truly wonderful exPEERience!

The European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO) and Creativitas, with the collaboration of Jup! Berlin, designed and organised a new course on Peer-to-Peer education in youth information in Berlin on 22-26th October 2018.

Throughout the week, 20 participants from Austria, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg learnt about peer education and how to organise youth information activities for their peers on a local level.

The Peer-to-Peer training course is aimed to train young people to become youth group facilitators and information multipliers using the tools developed during the “Youth. Info Future Toolbox” project. The tools used helped participants to increase their knowledge about three topics: mobility, employability and data privacy.

The new peer educators shared very positive comments and feedback. They highlighted that the course improved their competences in communication, planning, time management, group dynamics and others.

ERYICA attended this training too, sharing its work with the participants and presenting Liaisons and the new Good Practice Booklet. We are currently exploring with our partners the possibility of including this training course in the ERYICA training system. More information will be provided in 2019.