A New EU Youth Strategy for 2019-2027

The Council of the European Union approved the next EU Youth Strategy for the years 2019-2027. The document recognises that young people have a specific role in society and face specific challenges, therefore the new Strategy is set out to tackle these. It also provides a framework of objectives, principles, priorities, core areas and measures for youth policy cooperation, in the focus areas of engage, connect and empower. This latter focus area sees the creation and further development of easily accessible youth contact points that deliver a wide range of services and provide information.

The Strategy commits to pursue a more systematic approach to quality youth information, which shall be provided through services and platforms at all levels, with the support of European-wide organisations.

The European Youth Goals form an integrated part of the Strategy, and the goal nr. 4 on Information and Constructive Dialogue is to ensure that young people have better access to reliable information and they have the ability to evaluate information critically.

ERYICA welcomes and appreciates that youth information is recognised as both an important factor and a goal of the new EU Youth Strategy.

For more information about the document, follow this link.

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