The new volume of Views on Youth is out!

The fourth volume of Views on Youth, “Young people in the digital age” has been published.

This new issue explores the participation of young people in the digital era. The authors of this publication offer new perspectives and diverse visions to better understand how young people interact with the opportunities offered by the digital space. As a result, this edition tries to build a foundation of knowledge on this topic by showing how digital tools open a vast field of opportunity, while also representing a daunting challenge.

Views on Youth is related to the collection "Perspectives on Youth", conceived as a forum for information, discussion, reflection and dialogue on the evolution of youth policies and research, and on youth work in Europe.

In “Young people in the digital age” we can read about the evolution of free time and places of leisure online and offline by young people, young entrepreneurs, digital and mobile tools, youth open participation, digital and social, online communication learning tools, digital literacy and the birth of the movement against hate speech.

This fourth volume is associated with the Symposium on the participation of young people in a digital world, an event of the Partnership for Youth between the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

You can buy the printed version or download the PDF here.