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Coyote is a magazine addressed to trainers, youth workers, researchers, policy-makers and all those who want to know more about the youth field in Europe. Its aim is to provide a forum to share and give new insights into some of the issues facing those who work with young people.

In the different issues you can read about training methodologies and concepts, youth policy and research or current developments relating to young people at the European level.

The last issue discussed is the concept of smart youth work and the potential and dangers of digital developments for young people. The Coyote team took the opportunity at the EU Youth Conference held in Tallinn in October 2017 to interview youth representatives, youth researchers and youth policy-makers.

Three questions related to this innovative concept were asked: What is smart youth work to you? What is the potential of smart youth work? and What is the potential of smart youth work?

Follow the link to listen to their answers.