Jump around to learn about mobility!


Hop On Hop Off brought together over 200 young people from different educational institutes, who travelled to different localities around Malta by bus. In each site they were engaged in different workshops that promoted the following: volunteering abroad, studying abroad, travelling, and internships/ traineeships.

Through workshops delivered by European Programmes Agency, EU Careers – Malta and Aġenzija Żgħażagħ through Eurodesk, the young people involved became more familiar with Eurodesk services and were given the space to explore the benefits of learning mobility. 

The Hop On Hop Off event showcased the positive contribution of learning mobility to society and the importance of acquiring the essential skills to live in a democratic society which strives for the collective good by ensuring young people have the right to access accurate information.

In short, it proved to young people that quality mobility is good for individuals, society and the economy. Young people also explored the possibility of joining the European Solidarity Corps.  MEPs and policy makers shared opportunities with the participants and encouraged them to go that extra mile in order to achieve their potential and dreams.