27 Estonian youth workers trained through Digital Yintro


On the last day of June, the five-week e-course "DigitalYIntro - Digital Youth Information" ended. The course took place in Estonia for the first time and brought together in a virtual environment a total of 27 youth workers across Estonia.

The Digital YIntro e-course has been developed by the ERYICA network to support youth workers dealing with communication and youth information with young people in an online environment. The course consists of four modules focusing on developing the basic knowledge and skills necessary for digital youth information work. Participants learn practical skills through different tasks and analyse and plan their organisation's youth information services. In the final module, participants prepare a digital project. The digital project is a brief description of what the participants' organisation will actually achieve in the autumn of 2018 as a result of the training.

ERYICA trainer Hannes Sildnik said DigitalYIntro's e-course provided youth workers with a good opportunity to test themselves and assess their ability to provide youth information services through digital tools.

Merlin Vares, a youth worker at Kuressaare Youth Centre, said that participating in the e-course reminded her of the essence and importance of youth information work.

Although youth workers do this every day as part of their work, it gave them the skills and tools to do it in a more professional manner, more intelligently, more systematically, and more attractively to young people.

Check DigitalYIntro introduction video from ENTK YouTube channel.