ERYICA shares knowledge at the EYE

The European Youth Event (EYE) took place on 1-2 June 2018 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, with the aim of making the voice of young Europeans heard. During the event, participants discussed European matters with decision-makers, came up with ideas for the future of Europe and met 8000 of their peers from all over Europe.

ERYICA held a workshop at the event with Eurofound and FEANTSA, entitled “Young, gifted and trapped: Public services as a way out?”. The programme was part of the “Young and old: Keeping Up With The Digital Revolution” section of the programme and discussed how public services for young people can be improved, making sure that no one is left behind – because the relevant information and support at the right time can make a real difference.

The workshop was also an opportunity to present the results of the Future Youth Information Toolbox survey that examined young people’s needs and preferences regarding information. Among others, the results confirm that their primary preference for receiving information is still face-to-face, which confirms the relevance of youth information and counselling centres.

You can read EYE’s 2018 report here.