Do you have questions? WAT WAT has the answers

Our Flemish member, De Ambrassade, has been working in the last few months on a brand new online youth information site powered by the Flemish government. The result is WAT WAT, an innovative youth information platform which answers the questions young people struggle with. It covers a wide range of topics, such as sex, travelling, money, stress, politics or problems at school.

The project has a phygital approach, combining online and offline tools. WAT WAT teamed-up with some extremely engaged young influencers, who were involved throughout the whole process. Their aim was to inspire other young people and let them see that no question is too strange and there is nothing to be worried about.

These influencers created a dilemma for their posters. Each dilemma is personal and shows their everyday struggle or subject they had to deal with in the past. Through a Facebook Messenger Game, young people have to answer dilemmas and guess which dilemma their friends would choose. The main objective is to win from the dilemma llama!

For more information, visit the WAT WAT platform