Ukraine stands for youth information development!

On 20-21 June 2018, ERYICA held a National Seminar on Youth Information and Counselling in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. The main topic for discussion was the question of building up youth information and counselling services across Ukraine. 4 ERYICA members (IJAB (Germany), ACJ (Spain), Promo Cymru (Wales), and Koordinaatti (Finland) attended to present different aspects of youth information across Europe. 

The event was organised by the European Commission and Council of Europe Partnership, along with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Ukranian Association of Youth Centres. There was a panel discussion where participants had the opportunity to ask questions and raise issues with youth experts from Ukraine and abroad, such as Andrii Kolobov from the National Youth Council of Ukraine or David Neuber, member of the CoE Advisory Council on Youth.

The seminar gathered over 60 participants from all over the country: Representatives of central and local authorities, policy-makers in the youth field, representatives of youth NGOs and youth centres, youth workers, and future youth information workers. All of them had the opportunity to see how youth information and counselling works in other countries and discuss what such a structure could look like in Ukraine in the future.

One major point of the event was the presentation of the results of a survey regarding the information needs and trends of young people, carried out by Professor Gunilla Widen from Åbo Akademi University. The results showed that young people in Ukraine are ambivalent to information from the Internet, struggle to find information on entrepreneurship, housing and employment, and that face-to-face information and counselling is preferred. The participants also had the opportunity to learn more about the Compendium on National Youth Information and Counselling Structures and the new European Youth Information Charter, both of which were translated into Ukrainian.

Follow the link to download the report, where you can find the full report of the survey, recommendations, working group discussion results and suggestions for the next steps in building youth information and counselling structures in Ukraine.

Erika Branca