The European Information Charter becomes multilingual!


ERYICA is currently working on the promotion of the new updated European Youth Information Charter, approved at the 29th General Assembly.

 A three-month Social Media Campaign, starting on 15th October and ending on 21st December 2018, will attempt to give broader visibility to the principles of the Charter and promote their implementation and endorsement.

 Every two days, people taking part in the campaign will post an image and the text in their own language of a principle of the Charter. To this end, the new European Youth Information Charter will be translated into all the languages spoken in ERYICA’s network.

This document aims to guide youth information services to guarantee quality standards and ethics for youth information providers and services. Therefore, ERYICA members need an updated, customised version of the Charter to be able to do their work in the most efficient way, and ensure that the work they carry out is up-to-date and pertinent to today’s young people.  

As a result, the principles of the Charter - Independent, accessible, inclusive, ethical, professional, needs based, proactive, empowering and participative- will be accessible in up to 20 languages soon!

The existing translated versions of the Charter are available here. Stay tuned as more versions will be added continuously. If you wish to translate the Charter into your language, please contact the Secretariat of ERYICA.