Save the date: 30th ERYICA General Assembly


Estonian Youth Work Centre (ENTK) has been selected as the next host for the upcoming 30th General Assembly, which will take place in Tallinn from 15th to 17th May 2019.

The General Assembly is the sovereign organ of the Agency. It is composed of the Members of the Agency and takes place in spring every year. It is an important occasion for all of our members to come together to see what has been happening throughout the year (at European, national, regional, and local level), to share best practices from their own organisations, to comment and plan on ERYICA’s work programme for the upcoming year, and to be involved in deciding possible initiatives and activities.

ENTK not only will host the event, they will also be celebrate their 20th birthday and the 15-years of membership in the network of ERYICA.

The address of the venue will be soon announced and then preparations shall begin! For the moment, save the date.

Erika Branca