Young people bringing youth information to the next level in Lithuania

New YI centre 3.jpg

The youth information and counselling system is successfully growing in Lithuania. There is also a brilliant twist: it is happening with the initiative coming from youngsters themselves!

Until 2017, the youth information and counselling system in Lithuania was first and foremost coordinated by the Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT), in 30 cities. Youth information workers were doing the counselling work alongside other partners, such as the national libraries, NGOs, and Open Youth Centres. There was only one youth information centre (YIC) running in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

In autumn 2017, the second YIC in the country opened in the city of Utena. As a rule, the establishment of such centres comes as a direct policy of the Government. In this case, the YIC in Utena was created mostly based on the need and voluntary work of young people. “As we are here today thanks to the initiative coming from youngsters, I strongly believe that the YIC will function successfully, as we can already see how necessary it is.’ – the mayor of Utena, Alvynas Katinas, drew attention to this during the opening ceremony.

The youngsters did all the work: searched for and set up the premises and negotiated with the local municipality regarding the finances and other tasks. As a result, they even created a work opportunity for a part-time youth information worker.

During the opening ceremony, the representative of Lithuanian School Students in Utena, along with the president of Lithuanian Youth Council, said that it is more than thrilling to have a YIC opened where there is a real need – in a relatively small town. The mayor of Utena promised to ensure continuous collaboration with young people and to uphold the activities and events organised in the centre.

The YIC is open for every young person, does online youth information work, and organises events that gather local youngsters in order to promote the activities in the centre.

Youth information services in Lithuania are expanding with a need and energy of all young minds. Their horizons are wide and open without any limits: understanding peers and bringing youth information where it is required and appreciated.

For further information, please contact Ingrida Jotkaitė

Jessica Walker