Viet up! Space for young people of Vietnamese origin in Czech Republic


This year we established a partnership with a non-profit organisation of young people: Viet Up. The Viet Up organisers are young enthusiasts who want to open a discussion among young people of Vietnamese origin and develop dialogue between generations (parents-grandparents-children) and cultures: Czech vs. Vietnamese culture. The Viet Up meetings took place in our Youth Information Centre. As the Vietnamese community is the third biggest foreign community in the Czech Republic, the interest of the youth was so high that our centre was almost "bursting at the seams".

Every week young people were able to discuss the uprooting of the "second generation" of Vietnamese people living in the Czech Republic and the extent of their integration; they could watch films about the life of young Czechs with Vietnamese roots, participate in group activities and communicate about their views on different areas of life. The most challenging issues were discussed in greater depth in the following sessions, and some solutions began to be sought.

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Jessica Walker