Shape It, Move It, Be It: Future EU Youth Strategy


On 3-4 May this year, the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture invited 320 stakeholders to the conference ‘Future EU Youth Strategy: Shape It, Move It, Be It’, as part of the European Youth Week. ERYICA participated at this event, the report from which has just been published.

ERYICA was very happy to see youth information included in the report, and that one of the aims is ‘to improve the accessibility of key information and opportunities to express views in all languages, and to improve the collaboration and sharing of information between youth information points and networksthe EU should also provide greater access to information for young people, building on existing and new networks and tools.’ 

One of the key outcomes was that the EU Strategy should be transversal- it must be embedded in different policy fields, including education and training, culture, employment, entrepreneurship, migration and health. It was also concluded that the EU should also proactively seek to facilitate synergies with funding sources including Erasmus+, the EU Structural and Investment Funds, as well as national and regional funding. Participants stressed the need to include young people from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds in mobility, volunteering and other initiatives

Jessica Walker