Freshly trained trainers for Advanced YIntro

Adv YI ToT 2.jpg

In the framework of an Erasmus+ project entitled “Advanced YIntro Training Courses”, ERYICA organised an Advanced YIntro training of trainers, hosted by our Affiliated Organisation, the Youth Council of the Republic of Srpska, on the dates of 25-30 September in East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Advanced YIntro is ERYICA’s course for experienced youth information workers who aim to further develop their related skills and competences, as well as to broaden their expertise on a more abstract level of youth information. The Training of Trainers course involved 18 participants from 8 countries, who will further disseminate the content of this course in their home countries and across the ERYICA network, therefore overcoming the situation that the ERYICA Trainers Pool was short of trainers who could deliver this course.

An Advanced YIntro training course will be organised in Luxembourg in December 2017, when two of the freshly trained trainers will have the chance to put their experience into practice and deliver the course for a group of participants.
The project partnership consists of ERYICA Members from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Malta, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Jessica Walker