Fake news tool in France – “Le vrai du faux”


The project ‘Le vrai du faux’ (what’s real vs. what’s not) was set up in 2015 by a digital working group, which gathered different youth information workers from regional and local youth information centres.

Due to the fact that disinformation and fake news is increasingly common among young people, the aim was to develop young people’s critical thinking towards the news. With this aim and in this context, the working group created a media and information education tool in the form of a magazine, which is available both in paper format and online.

The magazine contains a mix of truth, lies, manipulative articles, tweets, images, videos and advertisements. The participants are interactively involved in different stages, in which they must try and identify what is true and what is not. They are encouraged to reflect on the way that they consume information.

This tool is used as a basis for a 2-hour activity with young people, which is delivered by youth information workers who have attended specific training on media and information literacy.

The piloting phase of the project was carried out among secondary school pupils, young people facing inclusion difficulties, civic service volunteers, and youth information workers. Different versions of the tool have been created for different target groups.

With support from the national committee for prevention of delinquency and radicalisation

2017, 25 training sessions aimed at youth information workers were organised and an award on media education was delivered at a professional journalism event.

For more information, contact Claire Conlon: ClaireCONLON@cidj.com  

Jessica Walker