ERYICA’s new strategy - Work in progress


As the current strategy of ERYICA will come to an end in the end of this year, we are in the process of drafting the new one for the years 2018-2023. The process comprises several steps, including contributions from the General Assembly and the Governing Board.

The latest event in this creative process was the meeting of the Working Group on Strategy, established by the General Assembly in May 2017. Led by the President, representatives of Members, the Board and Staff gathered in Brussels on 4-5 September to structure the received input and move towards the creation of the new strategy. As opposed to previous years, the next strategic plan will last for twice as long, 6 years, with a thorough mid-term evaluation after 3 years.

Although not fully established yet, the new strategy will address:

-        Research, trends and innovation, with a particular focus on new trends and technologies popular among young people, peer-to-peer youth information, and youth media and information literacy;

-        Capacity building of youth information workers through the ERYICA training system and the DOYIT eLearning platform;

-        Quality and youth information ethics, including revising the European Youth Information Charter and the Principles of Online Youth Information to meet the needs of the youth of today;

-        Cooperation and policy advocacy, ensuring that our network is visible and represents the interests of our Members in national and international policy making, as well as seeking new opportunities for collaboration at international and European level, while maintaining those that we already have; and

-        Communication and PR, using the new communication strategy to reach out to more youth information workers and stakeholders across Europe. 

Jessica Walker