ALT GENUG – Youth information for young voters in Austria

In Austria, sixteen-year-old adolescents are eligible to vote. In the run-up to the Austrian parliamentary election taking place in autumn this year, LOGO jugendmanagement (the Styrian youth information centre) is offering, in collaboration with the organisation “”, the following special information services to first-time voters: 

Themed “ALT GENUG” (“old enough”) LOGO’s youth information project aims to encourage young people to exercise their voting right and to inform young people about the upcoming elections – online as well as offline. To foster the grasp of democracy, teaching material was developed and distributed via school-kits. Information-packages sent to youth centres included best practice of pre-election-activities in addition to several flyers and posters. Using a do-it-yourself-picture-editing-tool, young people incite as “ambassadors of democracy” their peer group to vote at the upcoming elections. 

For further information please visit LOGO’s website ! 

Jessica Walker