Action Days countering Antisemitic Hate Speech


The No Hate Speech Movement is organising Action Days countering Antisemitic Hate Speech on 9-10 November in order to call out antisemitic hate speech and speak up for human rights and cultural diversity9 November will raise awareness about the persistence of antisemitic hate speech, including within xenophobic, populist, and extremist discourses, and point out the dangers it represents to human rights and democratic values and the direct impact on people and institutions that uphold them, while 10 November will express solidarity and demonstrate together the strength of cultural diversity and human rights.

ERYICA encourages all its members and stakeholders to organise activities and share them through the Campaign BlogClick here for ideas for offline actions and activities that can be organised with and for young people on the occasion of the Action Day. You can also follow the Action Day on the Facebook page of the Camapign and on Twitter: @nohate_speech #nohatespeech

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Action Day countering antisemitic hate speech 9- 10 November 2017

Jessica Walker