Project dates: January 2019 -  December 2019

Coordination: ERYICA

Financed by the Council of Europe

Project categories: quality youth information

In April 2018, the General Assembly of ERYICA approved in Cascais a new European Youth Information Charter and ERYICA Strategic Plan for 2018-2023. Both documents highlight the challenges faced by young people when it comes to addressing the overload of information and the need of ensuring the quality and visibility of YIC services. The Strategy goes further and underlines the necessity of creating a European Youth Information Quality Label easy to recognise by young people, based on their needs and on the principles of the European Youth Information Charter.


In this context and in the framework of our partnership with the Council of Europe, ERYICA will work on the development of a European Youth Information Quality Label throughout 2019, designed for and with young people and linked to a set of quality assessment criteria, mechanisms and tools. ERYICA believes that such an initiative should be part of a broader development process involving young people and key actors in the European youth sector. A Working Group will be set up to work on the label. Stay tuned to see the European Youth Information Quality Label soon!