ERYICA Trainings referred to hereafter as Training or YIntro include the basic YIntro and additional modules such as the Digital YIntro

  • ERYICA trainings are run by accredited ERYICA trainers (basic or additional module)

  • YIntro trainings need the approval of ERYICA and when held on national level of the respective ERYICA National Member.

  • Trainers have to make sure and be transparent that the trainees have reached the envisaged learning outcomes for obtaining an ERYICA certificate:

    - Trainees will only get an ERYICA certificate if they followed at least 80% of the course. If a trainee missed more than 20% of being present, ERYICA can issue a separate paper stating which sessions were attended, but no certificate will be issued.

    - Trainers have to follow up on the self evaluation forms completed during the course in an assessment talk at the end of the course and judge from there if trainees have reached the envisaged learning outcomes.

  • The organisers/trainers have to give a complete list of trained persons to the ERYICA Secretariat for monitoring of ERYICA trainings in Europe.

  • A representative of ERYICA might be invited or might attend a training for monitoring purposes.