The Jimmy training course is targeted at youth workers who, within the context of their daily job, are partially but not exclusively providing information to young people.

A Jimmy course can be organised either by ERYICA, its member organisations or partners. This training course can only be delivered by qualified trainers certified by ERYICA through a Training of Trainers course. For further information, please contact the ERYICA Secretariat.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • understand what youth information is;

  • see the importance of youth information for the development and empowerment of young people;

  • understand the link between youth information and youth work;

  • understand how to use practical youth information skills and qualities in their role as a youth worker;

  • be aware of resources and networks that can support their work;

  • establish partnership with their closest youth information centre, leading to potential links with regional, national and international networks;

  • gain basic knowledge on the key issues and current information needs of young people.



Area 1: What is Youth Information Work?

  • Pre-course task

  • Introduction session: The JIMMY concept

  • Session 1.1 – Principles and key values

  • Session 1.2 – Key tasks - What does a Jimmy do?

Area 2: Target Group

  • Session 2.3 – Adolescence and information needs

  • Session 2.4 – Youth information needs in the digital/non-digital generation

Area 3: Skills

  • Session 3.5 – Communication with young people seeking advice and guidance

  • Session 3.6 – Focused conversation and action planning

Area 4: Basics of quality information and next steps

  • Session 4.7 – Basics of quality information

  • Session 4.8 – Next steps: Establishing a connection with the YIC



The Jimmy training manual is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

As the target group of Jimmy trainings are not ERYICA-member youth information workers but youth workers, a tuition fee of €29 is payable prior to participation, based on the ERYICA Governing Board decision no. 11/47/2013.