The Jimmy training course is targeted at youth workers who, within the context of their daily job, are partially but not exclusively providing information to young people.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • understand what youth information is;
  • see the importance of youth information for the development and empowerment of young people;
  • understand the link between youth information and youth work;
  • understand how to use practical youth information skills and qualities in their role as a youth worker;
  • be aware of resources and networks that can support their work;
  • establish partnership with their closest youth information centre, leading to potential links with regional, national and international networks;
  • gain basic knowledge on the key issues and current information needs of young people.



Area 1: What is Youth Information Work?

  • Pre-course task
  • Introduction session: The JIMMY concept
  • Session 1.1 – Principles and key values
  • Session 1.2 – Key tasks - What does a Jimmy do?

Area 2: Target Group

  • Session 2.3 – Adolescence and information needs
  • Session 2.4 – Youth information needs in the digital/non-digital generation

Area 3: Skills

  • Session 3.5 – Communication with young people seeking advice and guidance
  • Session 3.6 – Focused conversation and action planning

Area 4: Basics of quality information and next steps

  • Session 4.7 – Basics of quality information
  • Session 4.8 – Next steps: Establishing a connection with the YIC



The Jimmy training manual is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Contact the secretariat to get a copy.

As the target group of Jimmy trainings are not ERYICA-member youth information workers but youth workers, a participation fee of €29 is payable prior to participation, based on the Governing Board decision no. 11/47/2013.