The training course on Digital Youth Information is an additional module to the ERYICA beginners course YIntro. It is therefore designed for Youth Information workers who have already successfully completed a YIntro or have gained experience in basic youth information knowledge through practical working and/or other national training.
The course is built on 5 areas and can be delivered in a training of 18 working hours or equivalent time sessions.

A Digital YIntro course can be organised either by ERYICA or its member organisations. This training course can only be delivered by qualified trainers certified by ERYICA through a Training of Trainers course. For further information, please contact the ERYICA Secretariat.


  • to introduce relevant areas, competences and skills within Digital Youth Information;

  • to offer a basic course on specific skills and tasks when working with young people in digital environments;

  • to enhance a common quality framework within the ERYICA network;

  • to promote the ERYICA Webbies Workshop and the booklet on “Safety and Quality in Online Youth Information” and motivate Youth Information Workers to actively use it.



Area 0: Preparation

  • Session 0.1 Preparatory Activity

  • Session 0.2 Get to know each other and sharing from pre-course activity

Area 1: Key terms for online information literacy

  • Session 1.1 Key terms

  • Session 1.2 Understanding information literacy online

Area 2: Quality Issues for Online Youth Information

  • Session 2.3 How to search for information online in a professional way

  • Session 2.4 How to assess the quality of online youth information

Area 3: Producing Quality Online Youth Information

  • Session 3.5 How to create web services

  • Session 3.6 How to involve young people in online information services

  • Session 3.7 Professional forms of online intervention

  • Session 3.8 Analysing your performance

Area 4: Perception of online risks and opportunities

  • Session 4.9 Online environments and young people

  • Session 4.10 Risks and opportunities of working with young people online

Area 5: Digital Citizenship

  • Session 5.11 Young people as actors in online environment

  • Session 5.12 Policies for Quality and Safety

  • Session 5.13 Evaluation

The Digital YIntro training manual is available in English, French and Spanish. An adapted online version of the same course is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Croatian, Portuguese, Estonian, Finnish and Lithuanian.