The training course on Digital Youth Information is an additional module to the ERYICA beginners course YIntro. It is therefore designed for Youth Information workers who have already successfully completed a YIntro or have gained experience in basic youth information knowledge through practical working and/or other national training.
The course is built on 5 areas and can be delivered in a training of 18 working hours or equivalent time sessions.


  • to introduce relevant areas, competences and skills within Digital Youth Information;
  • to offer a basic course on specific skills and tasks when working with young people in digital environments;
  • to enhance a common quality framework within the ERYICA network;
  • to promote the ERYICA Webbies Workshop and the booklet on “Safety and Quality in Online Youth Information” and motivate Youth Information Workers to actively use it.



Area 0: Preparation

  • Session 0.1 Preparatory Activity
  • Session 0.2 Get to know each other and sharing from pre-course activity


Area 1: Key terms for online information literacy

  • Session 1.1 Key terms
  • Session 1.2 Understanding information literacy online


Area 2: Quality Issues for Online Youth Information

  • Session 2.3 How to search for information online in a professional way
  • Session 2.4 How to assess the quality of online youth information


Area 3: Producing Quality Online Youth Information

  • Session 3.5 How to create web services
  • Session 3.6 How to involve young people in online information services
  • Session 3.7 Professional forms of online intervention
  • Session 3.8 Analysing your performance


Area 4: Perception of online risks and opportunities

  • Session 4.9 Online environments and young people
  • Session 4.10 Risks and opportunities of working with young people online


Area 5: Digital Citizenship

  • Session 5.11 Young people as actors in online environment
  • Session 5.12 Policies for Quality and Safety
  • Session 5.13 Evaluation 


The Digital YIntro training manual is available in English and French.