The Youth Information Development Fund represents an opportunity for members and potential members of the ERYICA network to apply for financial and technical support from ERYICA to develop or implement capacity-building activities in the field of youth information and counselling.

Its aims are:

  • to broaden the number of members and partner organisations in countries developing a youth information structure
  • to strengthen the work of members and partner organisations
  • to enable a higher participation to ERYICA events, activities and statutory meetings
  • to support and to foster national projects deemed of prominent interest for the Agency as a whole

How can ERYICA help in order to promote and develop youth information in respective countries? 

  • Providing exchange of good practice (study visits, meetings, seminars) 
  • Providing training for YI workers 
  • Providing support in lobbying/establishing/maintaining/strengthening cooperation with governmental bodies (letters of recommendation, meetings, participation in conferences and seminars) 
  • Providing support in obtaining financial resources (informing organisations about adequate calls for proposal that would enable them to receive grants from Council of Europe and European Union (for e.g. paying membership fee, organising events - seminars, trainings, study visits etc. on EU level)
  • Providing possibility of partially covering expenses of trainer fees, costs of organising events or other possible project activities though Country Development Fund

If you are interested in this service, contact the Secretariat by using the "Contact" button below.


Good practices from the Youth Information Development Fund:

Throughout the last few years, ERYICA members have been benefiting from the Youth Information Development Fund. For example:

  • As one of the ways of celebrating their 30th anniversary, ERYICA member CIJ (Luxembourg) visited Koordinaatti (Finland) in the framework of the Youth Information Development Fund from 19-22 February 2017. The duration of the visit was two full days, and gave three staff members from the CIJ the opportunity to discover the structure of Youth Information in Finland (how it works at local, regional and national level), to exchange good practices and learn from one another, and also to reinforce the cooperation between the two countries. 








The Youth Information Development Fund has also supported regional cooperation for our French-speaking members, Nordic/Baltic members, as well as German-speaking members: