The Advanced YIntro is the training course of ERYICA (the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency) for experienced Youth Information Workers who aim to further develop their related skills and competences as well as to broaden their expertise on a more abstract level of Youth Information.
The course is built on 4 areas that can be delivered in 4 full training days or equivalent time sessions, preferably in 2 modules.


  • to further develop the professional skills of Youth Information Workers;
  • to introduce diverse and participatory youth information delivery methods;
  • to introduce the managerial aspect and strategic planning behind youth information services;
  • to provide continuous professional development for experienced Youth Information Workers;
  • to enhance a common quality framework within the ERYICA-Network.

contents of the COURSE

Area 1: Advanced professional skills and knowledge

  • Session 1.1 – Advanced communication skills
  • Session 1.2 – Information literacy skills development in Young People
  • Session 1.3 – Digital Awareness
  • Session 1.4 – Information management

Area 2: Delivery Models

  • Session 2.5 – Participation in Youth Information
  • Session 2.6 – Peer-to-Peer
  • Session 2.7 – Diversity of YI delivery

Area 3: Management of Youth Information Development

  • Session 3.8 – Insight to Strategic Planning
  • Session 3.9 – Pedagogy behind Youth Information
  • Session 3.10 – Networking and Partnerships
  • Session 3.11 – Measuring and highlighting the impact
  • Session 3.12 – Promotion and Marketing  

Area 4: Continuous Professional Development

  • Session 4.13 – Continuous Professional Development   
  • Assessment talks


Each area is divided into sessions covering one specific topic. The course consists all in all of:

  • a pre-task
  • an introductory session
  • 13 sessions
  • three self-assessments
  • a mid-term task and
  • an assessment talk.

The course material includes a Reflective Workbook for participants that contains certain tasks and reflections sheets, as well as a general description of the course.